Think Realty Magazine September 2020

September 2020 | Investment Strategy, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


Think Realty | 
News & Events • Contributor Corner: Meet Bruce McNeilage

Investor Stories | 
Presidents’ Circle Featuring Romney Navarro • Titan Talk: Tom Meade

Engagement | 
Realty Matters: Sustainability is Opportunity • Easy Answers

Fundamentals | 
The True Cost of Homeownership • Using Fear as the Green Light for Action • The Truth about Eviction Records: Judgements vs. Filings • Building an Elite Organization

Investor Review | 
The Secret Billion-Dollar Industry • Real Protection for Your Properties • Engage with Your Property Management
Company to Maximize Profit • Attractive Atlanta: Why the Young and Educated Love This Hot Market • Why American IRA’s Fee Structure Makes More Sense—and Dollars • Rental Financing & Seasoning – What It Means

Strategy | 
Build to Rent, Rent-to-Own •  Land Investing Facts • Closing Deals • What is the Right Real Estate Investment for You? • 7 Reasons to Diversify Your Portfolio in Panama

Design Point | 
Reuse and Repurpose

Market & Trends | 
Most Improved Markets • Market Spotlight: Atlanta • Sustaining Your Business During COVID-19 • Container Home Villages

Mindset | 
The 7 Steps to Financial Freedom • Motivation for Action

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