Think Realty Magazine October 2021

October 2021 | Investment Strategy, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


News | 
Think Realty Honors Winners

Investor Stories | 
Presidents’ Circle Featuring Abhi Golhar

Fundamentals | 
An Alternative Approach to Diversification • Ten Best Practices for Relationship Management • Commercial Review • 6 Reasons to Choose Multifamily Rentals •How to Diversify Your Marketing Strategy

Commercial Review | 
The Passive Investing Lifestyle • Managing the Lifecycle of a Storage Facility • As the Pandemic Persists,Renter Preferences Continue to Shift • Cities Where Apartment Living Best Supports the Work-from-Home Realit

Strategy | 
Lessons in Diversification from COVID-19 • Create Wealth and Confident, Financially Educated Children • Diversification: An Investor’s Safety Net • Big Tech Will Disrupt the Real Estate Business • Smart Tech for Build-to-Rent Investors

Design Point | 
Select Color with Confidence

Market & Trends | 
Changing Times • A Different View of Diversification • How to Prepare for the Economic Reset

Mindset | 
Why Invest in a Fund?

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