Think Realty Magazine November/December 2022

November 2022 | Investment Strategy, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


Funding | 
The Effects of the Inflation Reduction Act on Real Estate Investment Strategy • What Does the Cooling Real Estate Market Mean for BRRRR Investors?

Design | 
Extreme Makeover: Creativity Is a Must!

Management | 
Empathy As Advocacy

Market & Trends | 
Sizing and Timing the Pandemic Backlog of
Foreclosures • Local Connections Aid Successful Development • Follow the Money • Quarterly Rent Trends in 10 Major U.S. Metros

Operations | 
What the Heck Is Lead Generation, Anyway? • How to Leverage Social Media to Promote Rental Properties • Property Manager Due Diligence

Investor Review | 
Determining Your Loan Amount • 9 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Commercial Property • What’s in Store for
Commercial Real Estate • Don’t Get Locked Out of ROI •Stable. Recession Resistant. In Demand. • How Risk Shapes Your Investment Thesis • Networking Effectively at Multifamily Meetups and Conferences • 5 Investing Lessons I’ve Learned • Reap the Rewards of Real Estate Investing Without the Hard Work or Headaches

Investment Strategy | 
A Relevant Cliché for a Changing Market • Investing in Real Estate During a Recession • The Government Can Pierce Your Veil • What It Really Means to Be a
Real Estate Advocate • Generating More Than Wealth • Trends Impacting Single-Family Rental • Millennial and Senior Trends: Why Renting Is a Lifestyle Choice • Needed: Women Real Estate Investors • Four Methods You Can Use to Beat Rising Mortgage Rates • Emerging from Crisis

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