Think Realty Magazine March/April 2022

March 2022 | Investment Strategy, Legislation, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


Profiles | 
Are You Prepared for the Upcoming
Market Crash in 2022?

Legislation | 
Think Realty’s New Government Relations
Committee Identifies First Key Issue

Funding | 
Tap into Private Lending When Buying a Short-Term Rental • Capital, Real Estate, Cash Flow, and the Velocity of Money • Planning for Your Prepayment Penalty • How Can You Benefit From the BRRRR Method?

Investment Strategy | 
Checkbook IRA, or Checkbook LLC? • 9 Do’s and Don’ts for Going the Distance with Rental Property • How Real Estate Investors Can Benefit from Inflation • A Property Manager’s Perspective on Investing in Real Estate • Why Multifamily Is in a Good Spot • How Deed Restrictions May Impact Your Real Estate Investment • Investing with Turnkey Rental Real Estate

Market & Trends | 
Market Spotlight: Baltimore, Maryland • Top Reasons to Invest in Texas • After a Two-Year Hiatus, Will Foreclosure Volume Return in 2022? • Using Self-Directed IRAs to Invest in the Houston Market • Reset Expectations • 4 Reasons Multifamily Isn’t in a Bubble

Design | 
Home Design Is Everywhere •5 Common Photography Mistakes When Listing Rentals

Operations | 
Prioritize Your Personal Development • 16 Ways to Find a Good Real Estate Teacher • PlanOmatic Survey Reveals How Single-Family Rental Investors and Owners Utilize Property Data • 5 Educational Tools at Every Investor’s Fingertips • Why Using Credit Scores to Screen Tenants Is a Big Mistake • Free Listings for Your Real Estate Property

Products & Services | 
What the Heck Is Lead Generation, Anyway? • Don’t Become the Prey in Today’s Predatory Sellers’ Market

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