Think Realty Magazine March/April 2019

March 2019 | Investment Strategy, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


Think Realty | 
News & Events • Virtual Assistants Help Time-Strapped Investors Conquer Leads, Social Media •One Marine, One Navy Pilot and One Vision to Buy America • From Instagram to HGTV •Think Realty’s Tribute to Linda Liberatore

Special Section | 
Think Realty’s 2019 Women to Watch

Fundamentals | 
Springtime Staging Tips to Increase Returns and Sell Fast • What to Do When a Tenant Passes Away •Spring into Early Success this Season with these Six Maintenance Steps •Pros and Cons of Multifamily Property Management •Doing Well By Doing Good • Tips to Scale Your Multifamily Passive Investing Business

Strategy | 
iBuyer Growth Grounded in Speed,
Simplicity and Certainty of a Cash Purchase •Tips for Starting a Probate Lead Business • Counties with Most Abundant Foreclosure-Buying Opportunities • States that Saw an Uptick in Foreclosures • Five Tips to Boost Your Skills and Confidence in Negotiating

Mindset | 
Speedy Lessons From A Race Car Driving Investor

Market & Trends | 
Wall Street is Missing Baltimore’s Huge Upside • Making the Right Moves in Every Phase of the Real Estate Market Cycle • Investor Review Multifamily Edition

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