Think Realty Magazine July 2020

July 2020 | Investment Strategy, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


Think Realty | 
News & Events

Investor Stories | 
Presidents’ Circle Featuring Andre Johnson • Redesigned Renovation • Investor Voices

Engagement | 
Realty Matters: Designing Your Business • Easy Answers

Fundamentals | 
3 Ways to Stay Profitable and Pandemic-Resistant • Designing Your Real Estate Investment Portfolio • Sharper Tips: Employee Handbooks • How Seminars Add Doors

Investor Review | 
Self-Directed Investing: The Journey • Real Protection for Your Properties • Where Can You Find Funding You Can Trust? • Latest Housing Market Predictions 2020 • Resilience of the Tampa Market

Strategy | 
Talking Loudly: A Path to Higher Profits •  Tiny Homes, Large Profits • The Good and the Bad for Single-Family Rentals Post-Pandemic • Recovering from Bad Investments • How Much House Can You Afford? • Create Your Own Note • Going Vertical: The Upside of SFR

Design Point | 
Show and Sell

Market & Trends | 
3 Ways to Play the Short-Term Rental Game • Market Spotlight: Cape Coral and Fort Meyers, FL • Battle Unpredictable Markets • Best Comebacks

Mindset | 
The 7 Steps to Financial Freedom • Letting Go Without Losing Control • Your House is Your Brand

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