Think Realty Magazine July 2018

July 2018 | Investment Strategy, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


Think Realty | 
News & Events •Better Property Management
Through Better Expense Management

Design Point | 
Renovation Rockstar: California Dreamin’ • Investing in Smart Bathroom Upgrades

Special Focus: Technology | 
Refining A Platform for Real Estate Empowerment •The Facts, Fictions, and Myths of Real Estate Investing Technology •Exposing the Human Element in “Direct-Data” Real Estate Sites •3 Things You Can Learn from Your Hard Money Lender • Breaking Down the Tools of Tech •International Real Estate 2.0 •3 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Efficiency in Your Real Estate Business

Housing News Report | 
With Greater Data Access Comes Greater Responsibility • Encore Performance • Smartest Days to Sell a Home • The Terminology of Housing Market Progression

The Big Picture | 
3 Red Flags for AirBNB Investors

Marketing | 
5 Strategic Videos that Will Revolutionize
Your Real Estate Marketing • The 5-Minute Rule for Wildly Successful Search Engine Marketing

Mindset | 
Live the Life You Dream of With the Right Tech

By The Numbers | 
Top 20 Potential Places for a Landlord Paradise

Investor Review: Lenders Edition | 
Exclusive offerings and insights from
the sector’s leading lenders.

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