Think Realty Magazine January 2018

January 2018 | Investment Strategy, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


Think Realty | 
News & Events •Member Benefits

Coaches Corner | 
Panel in Print • Gary Harper

Industry Voices | 
Don’t Run the Race Alone • The Robots are Coming

Cover Feature | 
When Data is Power

Special Section: Starting Out Right | 
The Importance of Systems •A Dangerous Assumption About Your Real Estate Assets •Solving a Nightmare Scenario for IRA-Based Real Estate Investing •3 Best Practices to Maximize Your Team’s Productivity

The Big Picture | 
Good Deals in Hot Markets are Getting Old, Literally •The Five Biggest Threats to Your Rehab Budget

Housing News Report | 
Overcoming the Superfund Stigma • Grocery Store Wars

Market Breakdown | 
Spotlight: Chicago, IL

Design Point | 
Unexpected Design Trends for 2018

Marketing | 
Building the Best Network for 2018

Nuts & Bolts | 
Getting Your Real Estate License as an Investor • 3 Steps to Making Money on Inherited Properties

By The Numbers | 
A Tale of 10 Markets

Investor Review | 
Turnkey Real Estate Investing

Final Thoughts | 
Investing at it’s Best

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