Think Realty Magazine December 2021

December 2021 | Investment Strategy, Legislation, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


Investor Stories | 
Titan Talk Featuring Garrett Sutton • Presidents’ Circle Featuring Marco Santarelli

Fundamentals | 
The Social Impact of Real Estate • Tax Benefits with Short-Term Rentals • 5 Factors for Real REI Success • Commercial Review • How to Buy or Sell a Property Management Company • Short-term Rental Regulations

Commercial Review | 
Diversify Your Portfolio with Self-Storage • Multifamily Investors Venture Beyond Gateway Markets • Hotel Outlook Remains Bifurcated in 2022 • Industrial Real Estate Report:
How E-Commerce & Global Shipping Defined 2021 • Commercial Real Estate Post-COVID

Strategy | 
Why Advocacy in Real Estate Investing Is Imperative • The Abstract Side of Real Estate • Buying Real Estate Using Real Property

Design Point | 
A California Craftsman

Market & Trends | 
Global Real Estate Investing • Mid-Market Stars • Political Advocacy in the REI Industry • Bursting the Real Estate Bubble Concerns

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