Think Realty Magazine August 2018

August 2018 | Investment Strategy, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


Think Realty | 
News & Events • Think Realty’s Newest Coach: Shawn Woedl

Design Point | 
Renovation Rockstar: Historic Home
Yields Hidden Treasures • 3 Countertop Options from the Field

Special Focus: Strategy | 
Sourcing True Success in Housing •How to Identify the Best Secondary Markets for Investment •Productively Placing Tenants with “Thin” or No Credit •Case Study: Tenant Screening in a Challenging Market • Every Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Digital Assistants •7 Crucial Actions to Keep You Current Through Networking at Conferences •3 Signs an Airbnb Rental Could Be Right for Your Market

Housing News Report | 
5 Financial Benefits of Owning Residential
Real Estate Investments • The Most Underwater and Equity Rich U.S. Housing Markets • Flipping Mysteries Explained

The Big Picture | 
3 Simple Stories About Effectively Negotiating with Buyers & Sellers •Real Estate, Precious Metals & The Truth About Inflation

Mindset | 
New Opportunities & New Worlds as a Cultural Ambassador

Nuts and Bolts | 
How to Maximize Your Insurance Benefits

Information Management Network | 
Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Southeast)

By the Numbers | 
16 “Sweet Spots” for Rental Investors

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