Think Realty Magazine April 2018

April 2018 | Investment Strategy, Magazine, Market & Trends, Operations


Think Realty | 
News & Events •Member Benefits: Barnett

Renovation Rock Stars | 
Bread-and-Butter House with a Surprise • Fire Recovery Rehab

Cover Feature | 
Perfecting the Art of Anticipation

Housing News Report | 
Finding the Next Reno •The Distressed Discounts Dozen •How Blockchain Could Transform Property Record Transparency •Pensacola: A Primer on Job Migration
to Affordable Housing Markets • One-on-One with Daren Blomquist •Doctors Could be the Key to Your Next Commercial Investment

Special Focus: Adding Value | 
How to Identify the Right Renovations
for Your Investing Goals • What the “Internet of Things” Means for Your Real Estate Returns • 10 Mistakes Property Owners Make When
Writing their Property Listing • 3 Value Plays To Create Community

The Big Picture | 
Co-Living No Longer A Wall Street Concept

Coaches Corner | 
Panel in Print: Adding Value

Industry Voices | 
“Best States” Rankings Released for 2018 • Assessing the Value of a Real Estate Mentor

Mindset | 
Travel Hacks from the Racetrack

Investor Spotlight | 
Memphis Investment Properties

Information Management Network Supplement | 

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