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4 Ways To Create A Good Deal

“Good deals are often created, not located. You should always be looking for a good investment deal. Opportunity is all around you!”

 I have been investing in real estate for over a decade and my success formula for some of the largest profits I’ve made is when the seller didn’t actually know that their property was for sale. Your biggest success factor when investing in real estate is the power of creating your own deals.


There are several ways of locating properties. In this Ebook I will discus s3 effective ways of implementing strategies that will bring you good deals. The ultimate idea of property location is to have the property find you. Bird dogs, contract assignments, pre- foreclosures, foreclosures, farming, are all examples of effective ways to locate properties.

Talking with other investors, and from my own experience, I have found that a combination of methods is most effective. My motto has always been “nothing happens until you locate a good deal.” I believe this to be the single most important phase of the investing process. Locating the property is an art, and every deal is completely different.

I refer to the process as an art, because you should approach each deal creatively. The art is to create ways that you can purchase a property with as little out-of-pocket as possible. Using a lot of your own money out of necessity is okay, but it can slow you down because you are only able to buy so much.

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