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Creative Marketing for Real Estate Investors

Attract more customers and rank higher in search results

As Real Estate investors, the goal is to find the motivated sellers before the competition does. One thing many sellers are looking for is answers to their situation.

Content is rapidly becoming one of the most basic forms of marketing. Not only does consistent content marketing positively impact customers’ experience, but it also promotes your website’s placement in search results.

You need quality content to reach a broader spectrum of customers. People trust a brand when the content and message they broadcast are consistent. And it is easier for search engines to display your website if it has a considerable amount of material that is compatible.

Are you looking for a way to attract more customers and rank higher in the search results? Here are eight key content marketing strategies that grew in 2020. These are shaping up to be even more common in 2021.

Live-Streaming Video Content

Live-streaming allows the current viewer and speaker to have a personal connection while the video broadcasts. That creates a kind of trust for the viewer. They are seeing and experiencing what the speaker is doing right at the same moment. It produces a similar effect that speaking to a small audience does.

Podcast Content

Podcasting content allows people to hear what you have to say anywhere, anytime, and at their leisure. That encourages your audience to listen to you and get what you’re saying. It also makes the experience feel more personal because it involves a human voice.

Conversational Marketing Content

Customers feel appreciated and heard when they get a personal response. For instance, they are much more likely to welcome a person responding to their inquiry than a chatbot. Content personalized by the seller is much more likely to catch the eye of someone looking for an honest transaction.

Personalized Content

Making content relevant to the customer is paramount. Also, addressing them by name and creating messages and emails that are more welcoming and human makes a connection with them. Without personalizing content to the customer (in a respectful way), they may not feel the need to respond to you. There is a 20 percent sale increase when sellers use personalized marketing.

User-Intent Targeted Content

Targeting a searcher’s intention when looking something up is a sure way to keep ranking higher in the search results. If your title and keywords do not match what the heart of your content is referencing, users will quickly leave your page. That damages rankings.

Topic-Focused Content

Search engines are getting smarter. They are now able to identify the theme of a page or website based on more than keywords. Google can correlate similar subjects and pages to search, topically. Finding the heart of what a page is saying allows it to give the user what they want. Focusing on covering a whole topic enables your audience to discover your relevant content.

Result-Focused Content

A result-focused content marketing strategy requires a deep understanding of your target audience. To attract followers, you need to know what they want. That creates an effective method of reaching out and sympathizing with your audience.

Data-Driven Content

Data used to the fullest is a powerful tool. You can analyze your competitor’s content, compare your content and success, respectively, and decide what should change or remain the same to attract more people. Essentially, data-driven content marketing is a precise method of spearheading your audience and goals at once.

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