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Gentrification vs. Revitalization

There are multiple points of view between gentrifying a neighborhood and revitalizing one. A lot of words like segregation, colonialism, and racism are often used when discussing these two points.… more
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Cash is NOT King

We’ve all heard the maxims: “Cash Is King,” “Cash Plays,” “Money Talks.” And there is nothing wrong with those terms. It is absolutely true that for most sellers out there… more
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A Timeless Trend

While television, infomercials, and internet advertising assures us of overnight riches in Real Estate Investing, the true power comes from holding property for the long term. I recently interviewed Tom… more
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Land: The Real Resource

For many people, daily commutes to work consist of thinking about tasks and projects they need to do once they arrive at their destination. Often, the entire drive has been… more
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5 Options for Evaluating a Flip

In this latest installment in our multi-part “Getting Started” mini-series I’m going to give you 5 options for evaluating a flip. This episode is all about how we evaluate flips… more