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Real Estate Investing Versus 401(k)

The most commonly accepted retirement plan in the United States today is the 401(k) plan. But have you considered real estate investment as a retirement vehicle? Let’s take a look… more
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Leveraging Notes to Grow Your Retirement

Houston 2022 – 00:25:36 In this episode Ann Marie Rogers discusses how to Leveraging Notes to Grow Your Retirement. A strategy to ensure you are getting the most out of…… more
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Is Real Estate Education Still Needed?

As an 18-year veteran and third-generation real estate investor, I feel like I have seen it all. I have seen the market cycles, both the ups and the downs. I… more
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Checkbook IRA, or Checkbook LLC?

A recent case has shed light on one of the riskiest retirement plan strategies offered by promoters. In McNulty v. Commissioner (157 T.C. 10), a U.S. Tax Court provided clarity… more
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Self-Directed Fix and Flips

Maybe you are not new to real estate investing. Maybe you have fixed and flipped hundreds of properties or are a housing provider to hundreds of families nationwide. But have… more