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The Eviction Tsunami That Won’t Be

As the federal eviction moratorium continued to linger, headline after headline screamed hysteria such as the following: “According to one study, as many as 40 million people in 17 million… more

Pet Questions

Should a landlord accept pets? And if so, which ones? Should there be any restrictions? Should landlords charge pet rent or a pet deposit? And if so, how much?  … more
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Tips for Buying from Wholesalers

Wholesaling real estate has a mixed reputation among real estate professionals with some seeing it as a good way to get started in real estate and flip houses with little… more

Lease Renewals 101

Leases are nice. Lease renewals are even nicer. Indeed, we have found that the biggest expense a property has tends to be turnover. In higher tax states, it might be… more

How to Scale to 100+ Units

There are many plateaus real estate investors often reach as they build their businesses. And each can be difficult to climb out of. The first, of course, is to buy… more