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  • Andrew Syrios is a real estate investor and writer living in Kansas City, MO. He is a partner in Stewardship Properties along with his brother and father. Stewardship Properties specializes in buy and hold and owns just over 800 units in five states. He also blogs at


A Primer on Due Diligence for Investment Houses

Due diligence may be one of the least exciting parts of real estate investing, but it is easily one of the most important. Failing to correctly evaluate a property before you buy can cost you dearly down the line. Use this brief guide to help put your mind at ease ...
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The Dangers of the “Overnight Success” Myth

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The four dastardly words, “became an overnight success,” have perverted the expectations of far too many entrepreneurs, including real estate investors, for far too long. Entrepreneurship is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. And it’s critical for any entrepreneur - new or seasoned - to understand that. Otherwise, a burnout ...

4 Ways to Finance Buy-and-Hold Real Estate

The biggest problem most new investors face is figuring out how to finance their real estate investments. This is especially true when they want to get into buy-and-hold investments, which is where the real wealth-generating power of real estate investment lies. Do not avoid long-term real estate investments just because ...

10 Real Estate Calculations Every Investor Should Know

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In real estate, not everything will fit into a neat little box. Creativity is a must. However, there is indisputably a mathematical side to successful real estate. Sooner or later, you must put pen to paper and figure out if it makes sense to buy a particular property. These 10 ...
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Be Wary of the 2 Percent Rule

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Anyone who’s been in real estate long has heard of the various percent rules floating about; the 70 percent rule, the 50 percent rule and the dreaded 2 percent rule. These rules are, of course, just rules of thumb to be helpful guides when evaluating properties. But while I believe ...

Out-Of-State Buying Guide

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Seven years ago, I moved from Eugene, Oregon to Kansas City, Missouri and have seen both sides of investing out-of-state. I’ve seen people in high-priced markets make very solid returns they could never have hoped to find in their home market. And I’ve seen people completely lose their shirt. On ...
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The Case for Real Estate as an Investment

Yes, as you may have heard, Bitcoin has gone through the proverbial roof of late and cryptocurrencies are all the rage. There are also plenty of sexy startups out there and I’m sure your friend has a great stock tip or two. And you probably know at least one gold ...

Real Estate Investment, a get Rich Slow Strategy?

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One of my favorite analogies for business was given by Jim Collins in his book Great by Choice. It involves Roald Amundsen, who was the first explorer to ever reach the South Pole. In 1911, Amundsen and his team faced off with Robert Falcon Scott and his team in the ...

Property Management: DIY or Hire?

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It is the age-old question every landlord must face: Should you manage yourself or hire a property manager? It’s not an easy question to answer and it depends on all sorts of different factors including your available time, money, inclinations and personality. To help make that decision, it is helpful ...