When Roy Condrey had a tenant complain that a house Condrey had rented to them was haunted, it spurred him to begin doing research. When he discovered there was no easy way to find out what had happened in the house previously, he decided found a new website called diedinhouse.com.

Condrey says in an article on AOL that prior to his website there was no one-stop site to determine if anyone had ever died, been killed or committed suicide at a given address.

He uses real estate records, newspaper articles and death notices as the basis for an algorithm to pull all the data together. He charges $11.99 for the service. Condrey says a death in a home can impact the value and neither the Realtor nor the seller has any obligation to disclose it to a real estate investor. As investors know, potential tenants can also use the service to look up the history of a house.  Read more

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