CEO of Bull Funding, Kemra Norsworthy, has been in the real estate lending industry since 2003. For the most part, she has remained on the lending side of REI but plans to buy a multifamily building soon and has had a couple rental properties in the past. But no matter the niche, Norsworthy said she enjoys it all when it comes to lending to real estate investors because she finds gratification in being part of their strategy toward financial freedom.

Bull Funding lends money on commercial, non-owner-occupied homes, and construction from rehab to full ground-up construction.

“We strive to create solutions even in challenging situations,” she said. “To me the lending side is so important; without the money there are no deals. It is best to use a bank or lender and keep your cash liquid since the future is full of unknowns, and we give our clients this advice. It is always exciting to talk to experienced investors as they look at the world differently. I always learn something new.”

Kemra NorsworthyHere are her answers to some of our questions and her experience is proof positive that Kemra Norsworthy is quite newsworthy in the REI lending space.

What characteristics do you exhibit that have made you successful?

“My direct communication and pragmatic thinking. I do not like the answer NO, therefore I have a lot of tenacity to get the yes.”

What is a trait you exhibit that has held you back, and did you change from recognizing it?

“I’m very self-aware when I have either a way of thinking or being that may hinder my success. When I catch new barriers—then I do something different.

When I first started, I would get excited that I got the yes from the client. That is where I would stop. Then I noticed and felt the effects of the bank account that did not reflect the yes. So, my view is that the yes is the beginning, not the end.”

Best advice for new investors?

“Research. Start in your area that you live and work outward. Have a team. You are only good at parts of the plan, no one is great at the whole thing. Know all aspects and know to delegate. Surround yourself with like-minded people and you will soar.”

Why is the real estate industry good for women?

“The question to me is why wouldn’t it be good for women? Within a team, men and women can accomplish a lot. I think that perhaps the real estate industry has been viewed as a man’s industry in the past because of the negotiation skill that is required to get a ‘good deal’. However, there are a lot of women who have this same skill, and some are really great at negotiating. Skills can be taught, learned, and transferred.”

What can more women do better/differently to achieve greater success in real estate?

“Believe in themselves. Do the research. Know what is out there and know your competition. They should read books that inspire them to be successful. We need to be confident in our presence and communication. And we need to surround ourselves with like-minded people. I cannot stress that enough. Never be the smartest in the group. One can’t grow if they are the one that knows it all.”

What three strategies/tools within the industry have helped you the most?

“Peers — Being able to reach out to my peers is extremely invaluable. If I do not have the information that I need I can look for it on LinkedIn and create relationships.

Follow up — Seems like an obvious one; however, it does not always happen. Clients are only so tolerant if follow up and through is lacking. The client is on a mission and does not want to be slowed down by someone who ‘seems’ like they do not want his business.

Real estate associations — AAPL has been one of the best investments I have made. I am on the board of ethics and have been accepted in the Presidents’ Circle.”

Favorite quote?

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

—Napoleon Hill


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