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Place in the Industry

Kathy Fettke considers her place in the industry to be one of offering hope. “I offer people a lot of hope that they will someday be able to experience financial freedom through real estate investing thanks to a path that maybe they couldn’t see before,” she said, adding that her podcast, “The Real Wealth Show,” and her company, Real Wealth Network, are designed around this concept. The Real Wealth Network (RWN) offers free resources and education to both beginning and experienced real estate investors, along with opportunities to invest in turnkey rental properties in real estate markets nationwide.

Fettke herself has been active in real estate for more than 20 years, starting out as a mortgage broker, and then Realtor for Keller Williams before merging her skills in radio and real estate to eventually create “The Real Wealth Show” and its associated network. “A lot of people feel that they do not have the time to invest in real estate,” she explained, noting that RWN provides education for those who want to do it themselves and offers turnkey opportunities for those who want to invest but do not have the time.

Key to Success in the Industry

“The only way to survive in this business is to know how to do your due diligence [on everyone] or hire someone highly experienced to do it for you. Only partner with the best: those with years of experience and a track record of success to show for it.

“Investing is literally as safe as swimming with sharks. I have found more often than not that people are out for your money and not your well-being.”

Proudest Moment

“The thing that gives me the most joyful gratitude is that almost daily we get a testimonial from someone who is feeling hopeful now because they have a plan for their future and that plan is working. They can see that in 10 or 12 years they can be job-optional, and for many, it happens almost overnight because we are able to take some nonperforming assets and just rearrange them a little and, suddenly, they’re cash flowing beautifully and life changes.”

A Word for Women in Real Estate

“I come from a time when literally I was told women should stay home with their kids and that going to work would not be good for the household. My mother had a great sense for investing but her ideas were not heard (she suggested buying Google stock at its first release and buying rental homes in the San Francisco Bay Area when they were $99,000). Just in my lifetime, I’ve seen the shift from women feeling powerless to feeling very powerful so I’m really proud of how far we’ve come.

“Women now earn more than 58% of all bachelors and masters degrees, we have doubled our workforce participation since the 70’s and increased income levels by 34%.

“Between our higher education and having more time [thanks to our husbands spending twice as much time with their kids as our dads spent with us] I think women are poised to flourish in every way, in any kind of business, and in any kind of career because we have the higher education and now we have the time as well.

“In housing, remember that women tend to be the decision-makers in most families. We innately understand housing and what people want and need for their families.”

What’s Ahead in 2017

Fettke described several opportunities in which her investors may participate in 2017. “One of the biggest things for us in 2017 is our buy-and-hold rental fund. We’ve specialized in offering turnkey rental properties, but a lot of our investors really want to own real estate and don’t have the time even for turnkey. We’ve had a tremendous number of people asking us to just do it completely for them.

“We’ve also got a bunch of deals going on in Reno, where we’re buying and syndicating homes and apartments because that town is booming from Tesla’s new Gigafactory. We’ll be doing a lot of building because there is a shortage of housing in the area and land development has become a specialty of ours.”

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