As old as warfare is in the course of human history so has been man’s need for shelter.

And if Marine veteran Andy Williams has anything to do with it, those who excel in the first shall solve man’s problem with the latter.

Two years ago, Think Realty profiled Andy as Humanitarian of the Year for 2016. So it should be of little surprise to those who read his profile that, some two years later, Andy has been able to tactically acquire the capital, tools and respect to breach the doors for unprecedented access to the broader veteran community. With corporate partners behind him, Recon Realty and Andy Williams are poised to rally America’s veteran community to own the land for which they fought.

A “rally point” is a familiar term to those who wore the uniform. In the absence of clear orders or when the inevitable chaos of life arises, a rally point means a meeting spot before continuing with the mission.

With over 250,000 veterans transitioning into civilian life each year, there is no shortage of these service-minded men and women. All that was missing was the rally point. In 2019, Andy Williams stood ready to lead these men and women on a venture as patriotic as those that took them to foreign lands in uniform. He is now leading them home to buy a piece of it.

Veterans Buy America is the latest and perhaps most impactful mission of Recon Realty. Veterans — who often left home at a young age to defend America — are now going to own a piece of it. Veterans facing a daunting military transition to civilian life are going to be more equipped than ever to solve man’s oldest dilemma of shelter and security. With a successful real estate portfolio and a venture into television, Andy displayed his leadership to the veteran community on HGTV’s “Flip or Flop Fort Worth.”


Andy Williams of Recon Realty is the winner of Think Realty Magazine’s Humanitarian of the Year for 2016.
Photo by Mark Matson for Think Realty ( 5/20/16)

Lest one thinks this is a charitable venture, he is candid that this is a strategic investment in those who have already put it all on the line. Andy makes it clear that “charity has its right and just place in the veteran community. However, so does entrepreneurship, and the latter will fuel the prior.”

Being personally invited into the boardrooms of America’s elite, Andy didn’t approach corporate partners with a charitable mission. He approached them with a solution to a long-standing problem and, as such, he earned their respect. Those who have fought for this land are uniquely equipped to steward it and develop it for the future.

Andy’s successful flipping of a home while deployed in Iraq was all the evidence any corporate partner needed. Remarkably, it was not all the evidence Andy had to offer. As Andy’s profile grew, he began to attract similarly-minded veterans to the rally point.

Veterans like Navy pilot Stuart Grazier saw a similar vision. After graduating from the Naval Academy in 2002, Grazier pursued his first real estate investment in 2003 and now stands ready to retire from the military in complete command of his own transition.

Air Force officer Steve Leblanc left Arizona with little more than the shirt on his back and is now set to retire with a net worth of over $1.2 million. What Andy is helping corporate partners realize is that neither he, Stuart nor Steve are alone.

What active duty military and veterans often fail to realize is that they have all the same tools at their disposal. What active duty and military veterans would do well to realize is that now they can benefit from Recon Realty on their side. What was missing was a guide. What they needed was a place to rally up with a leader to help them back from the front lines.

Two years later, Andy is not where we left him. Rather, he is miles down the path calling for his fellow veterans to rally up. Recon Realty has been the vehicle for Andy’s successful transition and it’s getting ready to add a few more seats. Through this successful venture, he is looking to empower and equip 10,000 fellow veterans to buy the land they love. With corporate partners ready to march, the beacon is lit and Recon Realty is the rally point for America’s veteran community.

Think Realty will continue to cover these inspiring stories as Andy Williams stands ready to serve yet again and help veterans across this nation form up to Buy America.

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  • Jeff Edwards

    Jeff Edwards is a Marine veteran and contributing writer for Veterans Buy America. Find out more about the initiative and stories of transition at

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