Title and affiliations:
Senior Vice President of National Real Estate Insurance Group (NREIG), former Vice President of CORE Insurance Group, former Vice President of the National Condo and Apartment Insurance Group

Intro to Risk Management
Protecting Yourself and Your Properties
Insuring Your Fix-and-Flips

Shawn Woedl has spent nearly 10 years of his professional life in property insurance after starting out on the other side of the table. “I started out managing health clubs in Ohio,” he recalled. “There is a lot of insurance fine-print in that business!”
When he was offered the opportunity to begin to work with property owners on insuring their real estate, however, he jumped at the chance and never looked back. Woedl, who specializes in residential and commercial real estate insurance specifically for real estate investors, brings his personal experience in real estate, business, and property management to NREIG’s unique, investor-oriented brand of property insurance.

Why He’s Here:
“Insurance has been great to me, but not everyone can say that. In fact, every day I talk to real estate investors who have suffered immense losses because neither they nor their insurance agents (not NREIG, of course!) really understood the unique aspects of insuring investment properties. I travel all over the country educating investors on the types of things they need to know, ask, and demand from their policy providers to help make sure they do not experience unnecessary losses. My mission is to help investors better manage their risk while only paying for coverage they truly need, but part of that involves making sure that protection is the right fit for their business model.”

Woedl added one particular case of a now client of NREIG’s that haunts him. While the investor was still a prospective client, he suffered a total loss on an investment property. “It was completely gone,” Woedl recalled. “Unfortunately, the investor had opted for the cheapest policy he could get on the property because his insurer at the time told him it would cover him in an extreme emergency. That coverage, which had to cover all of his losses in a total-loss scenario, was worth a maximum of $20,000. Neither party understood what the ramifications could be in an ‘emergency’ and they made a terrible financial decision with horrible financial ramifications since the investor had not factored this potential loss into his worst-case-scenario plans.”

Favorite Books:
• The Ranger Way, by Kris Paronto
• Relentless, by Tim Grover

Mentors and Role Models:
“My Dad and my late Uncle Rock, who both taught me the importance of working hard every day to provide for my family, and Tim Norris (CEO of NREIG and a longtime friend and mentor for Woedl), who taught me insurance and helped get me started in this business.”

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