Linda Liberatore, challenge-seeker, mother, teacher, and founder and president of Secure Pay One Inc., is the newest addition to the Resident Experts at Think Realty. “I’m so passionate about helping other people and when I realized that I could combine real estate with that passion, I really felt like I had found my place,” said Liberatore, while discussing why she joined the Resident Expert team. “The marriage between improving a situation for a landlord, empowering them to run their business and their investments more profitably and with less stress, and establishing and improving systems is perfect for me.”


Early in her career, Liberatore held a management position in the banking industry. With the desire to spend more to spend more time with her children, she got creative. Liberatore started working with small businesses, two being real estate companies. Her role was to bring them into the 21st century, or the “technology dimension” as she referred to it. Meaning, she was to handle their data, the management software and some analysis. To include assisting with training employees to be more effective when dealing with clients. Liberatore began to build up her business with hundreds of landlord clients. With whom she helps streamline their processes, becoming much more efficient.

Liberatore was also involved with a web startup payment system at her daughter’s school. To which she eventually helped launch and later sold for more than $190 million.

Liberatore’s addition to the Resident Expert program gives you access to her vast knowledge to help DIY landlords succeed. Liberatore shared, “When I see an investor benefiting from the improvements I helped make or even keeping a property they thought they were going to lose because they changed their systems, that is what I love.”

With her passion for evaluating strategies and reducing expenses for business, Liberatore digs in with the creation of two courses, Knowing Your Lease and Buy and Hold Strategies. Her experience, more than 20 years in the industry, coupled with the shared passion of most real estate investors, entrepreneurship, helps both new and professional investors to maximize and grow their businesses.

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