Location: Sheraton, Downtown Dallas

Mission: Support and Outreach

As attendees bustled about the conference floor, a small crowd formed around Andy Williams, CEO of Recon Realty and recipient of the 2016 Think Realty R. Michael Wrenn Humanitarian of the Year. As the group started to arrange themselves, Williams thanked them for coming and began to discuss why he asked for the group to gather. Williams talked about how important it is that military veterans continue to have that sense of purpose and meaning after exiting the military, the sense of purpose many veterans feel when they enlist for service. That sense of purpose is simple and honorable: to be in the position to serve something greater than themselves and take the personal responsibility necessary to provide a safe place to live for themselves, their families, and the broader community.

This ideal isn’t much different than that of most real estate investors. Williams and his wife, Ashley, are both veterans and active, successful real estate investors. Williams recognized, in real estate, the opportunity to create a way for veterans to connect with other veterans to encourage and help them succeed after separation from their military service. The result: Recon Realty, a veteran-powered real estate organization with a strong sense of community. Separation from the military to civilian life can be a difficult transition, but with the support of fellow veterans this process can be much easier, especially when it involves starting or expanding a new career, Williams observed.

As Williams continued to chat, the veterans maintained focus, listening to everything he had to say. Williams hopes this outreach will inspire veterans to help other veterans who wish to continue to serve their communities but through a different means. Instead of defending our country and our freedoms abroad, they will create their own businesses at home either within the real estate realm as investors who purchase properties and create affordable, safe homes or by creating businesses that fellow veterans within the investing community can refer to for services such as contractors, electricians or HVAC.   

Williams plans to hold Rally Points at future Think Realty events and says he would enjoy seeing more veterans become involved. You served, now it is time to serve and share your knowledge here at home.

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  • Heather Elwing

    Heather A. Elwing has a bachelor degree in public relations and journalism minoring is global sustainability. She is a licensed Realtor in Missouri working on her GREEN designation. She has passion for education within the real estate investing space, sustainable building and living.

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