With clients and offices around the United States, CoreVest CEO Beth O’Brien’s work and communication is often executed amid travel. That’s why the executive relies on powerful yet flexible technology to help her perform at her best. Here are a few of O’Brien’s favorite tools.

The iPad

As the leader of a 100-person team, O’Brien recognized that her role has evolved from that of a producer of data to one that is consuming it when meeting with clients and making decisions. That’s why she opts for a portable tech tool for her travel-laden schedule: the tablet.

“I’m so attached to my iPad that when I once locked it in a car, the CFO said, ‘Did you leave your arm, too? Because I thought it was surgically embedded,’” O’Brien laughed.  “Everything we do is cloud-based and mobile, so I can access everything I do for work on my iPad, which is really nice. … The tablet is not great for creation, but it’s awesome for consumption. You can read on it better than a phone, and you can manipulate it. It’s all the things I need, which is really consumption of data.”

Social media

To stay abreast on real estate market news, O’Brien finds that social media platforms are quite useful. In addition to LinkedIn and Twitter, O’Brien particularly likes Instagram to stay informed.

“I’m going to go to the airport soon and I’m going to be in the back of a car, on the phone, checking Instagram and sending emails,” she said. “It helps me feel attached to what else is happening in the market. I get a lot of information from it.”

Web-based platform

CoreVest’s responsive, web-based platform has been invaluable for O’Brien. It enables her to not only use the same data the company uses but allows her to access it however she needs amid her busy travel schedule.

“The way we set up our company data and tools — even the way we fund loans — it’s all web and cloud-based,” she said. “Being able to use even highly controlled applications in a mobile way has really enabled us and me to travel the way that we like to, to see the assets we need to see and never feel like we’re not using the actual company systems.”

Want to learn more about Beth? Read our full feature here.

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