Dallas, Texas – “If you have a big, beautiful ‘McMansion’ that you’re trying to rent out right now, I’m betting you’re finding that market isn’t too hot. In fact, I’m betting a one-bedroom apartment or a studio might be much hotter, and I’ll tell you why.” That’s how Gene Guarino, founder of Residential Assisted Living (RAL) Academy, started off his presentation this morning at the Think Realty National Conference & Expo in Dallas, Texas. Guarino, who has spent 30 years in real estate, authored four books on the topic and been interviewed on countless television shows, radio shows, and podcasts, warned investors that the market is shifting as our population ages, but that could be a good thing for real estate investors.

“Recently, a podcast host asked me, ‘What is the greatest asset you have today that is depleting?’ I think he was expecting me to say my car or something,” Guarino said. “I answered, ‘Time.’ The moment that we have today is gone tomorrow. It is up to us to take advantage of that moment today.” He went on to explain that for real estate investors, the passage of time is not just the conventional advantage that most people associate with real estate, appreciation. “Understanding where the future of housing is headed is critical to your success. The landscape is changing as the Baby Boomers are aging. McMansions are out, and Tiny Homes are in. Texas is one of the top three locations for Residential Assisted Living,” he said.

Residential Assisted Living, which Guarino refers to as RAL, represents a growing need in the national housing market. Texas, however, is particularly attractive to RAL investors because it is friendly both to investors themselves and to the residents they wish to serve. “It’s friendly, and the need for senior housing is huge.” Guarino said. “Timing is key in life, and the timing for senior housing is now if you want to make the most of the opportunity for significant residual cash flow and an ever-increasing market demand that is simply unstoppable.”

You can learn more about residential assisted living, Guarino’s training, and the Think Realty National Conference & Expo series at https://thinkrealty.com/events.

  • Carole VanSickle Ellis

    Carole VanSickle Ellis serves as the news editor and COO of Self-Directed Investor (SDI) Society, a membership organization dedicated to the needs of self-directed investors interested in alternative investment vehicles, including real estate. Learn more at SelfDirected.org or reach Carole directly by emailing Carole@selfdirected.org.

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