The real estate transaction market is huge and real estate crowdfunding has grown exponentially. Big names and big deals are migrating to the new investing and funding approach. The one that everyone is talking about now is CityVest, which claims a top pedigree of founders and investors. The company is led by CEO and founder Alan Donenfeld, who is dedicated to finding the best real estate investments for investors.


CityVest is living up to its mission – Smarter Real Estate Investing. CityVest’s goal is to provide wealthy individuals with access to institutional real estate funds and the higher rates of return they generate. When CityVest first started they found that the best investment returns were being generated by institutional investment funds ranging from Blackstone down to $50 million funds. The problem is that institutional funds have $1 million minimum subscriptions, an amount that most HNW investors cannot meet.

CityVest achieves investor goals by aggregating individuals’ investments with as little as $25,000 so that the total amount meets the million-dollar minimums. CityVest wants to open up the real estate industry to investors who previously have not had access to the asset class. In addition, CityVest has found that many current individual real estate investors have been trying “fix and flip” and/or condo purchases and they are tired of the dreaded three T’s – toilets, trash and tenants. Through the CityVest platform, individual real estate investors get to participate in institutional real estate investment funds which offer many advantages compared to investing in a condo or a small apartment building.


CityVest scours the market for experienced real estate investment fund managers, in solid markets with unique strategies. CityVest is currently offering investments in funds that have achieved a prior audited track record of 20 percent + IRRs, currently offering an 8 – 9 percent preferred return and have a target of 12 percent to 16 percent return. CityVest does all the heavy lifting of finding the investment fund, conducting due diligence and structuring the investment. The CityVest online platform is a smart and easy method to participate in big deals with big name investors.

Prior to launching CityVest, Alan Donenfeld was General Partner and Founder of a private equity fund, Founder and CEO of a FINRA broker dealer and worked 10 years with large investment banking firms. He has completed several billions worth of dollar deals throughout his 36 year career. He has set CityVest on a course to meet its mission of Smarter Real Estate Investing.

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