What is RentFax™?

RentFax lightens the burden of rental property research, helping you make faster, better, more profitable, and more confident decisions about investment property. Simple, flexible, and cost-effective, RentFax combines high quality real-time data, predictive analytics, and insightful reports to assist real estate investors, lenders, property managers, and others with screening, marketing, and managing rental property. The real-time data and analytical reports from RentFax™ offer crucial pre- and post-acquisition insights at the neighborhood (census tract) level.

RISC™ Score: A Industry Innovation

The RentFax RISC™ Score is the nation’s first and only predictive and comparative index for rental property financial risk. The RISC score uses hundreds of data points to evaluate neighborhood attributes including demographics, crime, schools, housing mix, tenancy patterns and other factors that affect the stability of rental income.  More than just an acquisition tool, the RISC score has application in every facet of property management, from tenant screening and setting rents, to eviction, security policy, and rental portfolio management.

Expand and Diversify with Greater Confidence, Lower Risk

Expanding your footprint, whether within your current markets or into new ones, does not have to mean elevating risk. It does, however, require tools and methods to manage and compare risks of assets in different markets. Deal flow is hard enough: you need assets that don’t compromise your reputation or financial performance. And with competition rising, you need a way of finding and evaluating them quickly and confidently.

Simplify and Expedite Portfolio and Bulk Package Screening

While the availability and quality of substantial REO packages continues to decline, packaged asset buys remain a part of every growing investor’s strategy. Yet evaluating portfolios is time consuming, expensive, and error prone. How do you analyze them quickly to determine which warrant more effort? With assets spread across multiple geographic areas, how do you assess portfolio risk?

Balancing Act: Identifying and Divesting the Right Assets

After years of fast acquisition, many SFH investors are experiencing the need for portfolio rebalancing. Like any investment, however, past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. How do you know the assets you’ve identified for divestiture are really the right ones? How do you even stratify so many individual assets? Can you separate operational factors from those that are location-based? How do you normalize the risk attributes across multiple geographic markets?

Big Data + Expert Analytics + Industry Validation = Confident Decisions

RentFax pioneered neighborhood-level rental property predictive analytics with U.S. Census data in 2000. After partnering with Location, Inc. and RentRange LLC for best-in-class, real-time data, we further refined our analytics, more than doubling the number of data points comprising the RISC index. But we didn’t stop there. We traveled the country to validate, field-test, and fine-tune the system with investors, lenders, and property managers in dozens of markets. RentFax is quickly gaining confidence in the real estate industry: over 1,000 users have run more than 72,000 reports exceeding $5 billion in property decisions.

This article was originally published in Think Realty Magazine in the “Investor Review” insert in the November 2017 issue.

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