When JoAnna Anderson found out she was pregnant with her second daughter in 2005, she was a full-time biology teacher pursuing her passion for educating others. Like all mothers, she already knew the value of cherishing the time with her little one, but six months later, time took on an entirely new meaning. Anderson learned she had severe hypertension and kidney failure. Her doctors warned her if she opted not to terminate the pregnancy, it was unlikely she or her baby would survive.

Suddenly, every minute mattered more than it ever had before.

“I was ready to give up my life so my daughter could live,” Anderson recalled. “But then she was born, small but healthy, and we were both still alive.”

Doctors hoped that once the baby was delivered, Anderson’s kidney function would return. It never did. Instead it fell further, to 18 percent, where it remains today. Anderson knew her time could be very limited.

“I was still teaching full-time when I did my first deal. I made $50,000 in six weeks – the equivalent of an entire year of teaching!” she said. Anderson began building her real estate businesses (she now owns four, including two rehab/active investing companies, one holding company, and one sole proprietorship as a realtor, and coaches as an independent contractor) and became a licensed realtor.

“All those businesses are a blessing, and so is being able to share wealth building and entrepreneurial strategies with my family to create generational wealth,” said Anderson, who is the youngest of 28 children and coaches many of her nieces and nephews as well as her own two daughters.

“Time is still my most precious commodity, though,” she noted, making particular mention of her Realeflow systems, which she says help keep the many facets of and individuals in her real estate business organized. “Having a tool like Realeflow has been really invaluable to me. When you’re literally running out of time, having something that saves time so not a minute is wasted is like a godsend.”

Realeflow is an all-in-one investing software intended to help new and experienced investors find, fund, and flip houses quickly. The software provides real estate investing leads including sellers, buyers, and private lenders, automates direct mail campaigns, makes designing and launching custom websites easy, and can even be used to create repair estimates and coordinate rehab projects, keeping multiple individuals all on the same track throughout the path of a real estate investment.

“To me, legacy means the portion of you that remains even when you are no longer physically present,” Anderson observed. “The legacy I want to leave my family is education and a path to freedom.” For Anderson, her business structures and the knowledge and ability to manage them productively are that legacy, and the organizational support structure beneath them gives her confidence that her legacy is in good hands.

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