Investing in real estate, specifically single-family residences and small multiplexes, can be a great way to build wealth. If you buy the right property and manage it well, you can easily add to your retirement nest egg.  Investment property not only provides short-term cash flow, but also delivers long-term property appreciation. And having investment property as part of a balanced portfolio of investments also mitigates your financial risk from stock market volatility and bond value fluctuations.

Over time, a rental property can basically pay for itself using tenant rental payments to cover the mortgage and other costs. When the mortgage is paid off, much of the monthly rent payment, at rates that keep pace with inflation, provides a stable monthly income, and the value of the property will have risen too.

Why Hire A Professional

The biggest complaints investment property owners have about rental properties is the time and hassles they can present. Dealing with tenants and prospective tenants, and the demands primarily from unexpected maintenance and repair issues can interrupt work or personal time and cause unnecessary stress. 

By hiring a professional property manager these issues are overcome. Real Property Management offices across the country specialize in full service property management to protect your investment, minimize your costs, and maximize your income—without interrupting your daily life.  Count on your local Real Property Management team to make your property ready to rent, show it to prospective residents and fill vacancies quickly with qualified tenants, collect rents, conduct regular evaluations, perform cost-effective maintenance, enforce the lease, adhere to local laws, deal with tenant issues, and handle the bookkeeping. All while keeping you informed about your property. 

Advantages of Using a Nationwide Brand

When you hand over the keys of your investment property to your local Real Property Management office, you’ll find comfort knowing that they are part of the nation’s largest residential property management organization that has been refining property management for over 30 years.  Reputable media sources continue to recognize Real Property Management for its financial strength, stability, growth rate and size.

Our combination of a national organization and local office ownership and management is unparalleled in the industry.  The corporate Franchise Support provides oversight to local performance, compliance with high standards, on-going training, and access to proprietary systems and processes to deliver professional services.  Local Real Property Management offices are knowledgeable of neighborhood and city real estate market conditions, practices and regulations.  Together we provide clients the best property investment management services available.  That’s why we are The Nation’s Local Property Manager®. 

More people are renting than ever before, driving the demand for rental homes to an all-time high. Not only is owning investment property a smart choice, but so is hiring a professional who understands the ins and outs of property management and tenant-landlord law.

Whether you’re considering investing in property or you already own property and are unhappy with your current management, your local Real Property Management team is ready to discuss your needs. They will take away your headaches, treat your investment like it’s their own, and give you peace of mind. Find your local office at

This article was originally published in Think Realty Magazine in the “Investor Review” insert in the October 2017 issue.

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