One of Think Realty’s Women to Watch this year, Arianne Lemire is proving she is worth watching in the real estate investment industry. In our March issue, she shared her REI journey and that although she has amassed wealth from her investment strategies, her passion is educating others on how to be not only financially secure, but able to “retire” on their terms earning passive income from real estate.

You’ve heard the saying “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Well, that is one of the reasons Lemire decided to join the Think Realty/AAPL Presidents’ Circle this year.

“I want to spend more time with truly good human beings who are the leaders in the Real Estate and Private Lending industry so that I can learn from them and be more like them. The members of the Presidents’ Circle truly care about people and our industry as a whole and it’s an honor to be able to learn from them and contribute as well,” she said.

Here is more of the get-know-session with one of the newest members of the Presidents’ Circle:

What is your preferred niche of REI and why? How would you describe your investment strategy?

A: My preferred niche is Multifamily investing because of economies of scale and the ability to partner with others. I can spend a lot of time and effort buying one single-family house or spend the same amount of time and effort buying 50 multifamily units. Also, because the pie is larger in multifamily, I get to partner with other investors. It’s harder to do that in single family. My investment strategy in multifamily is to buy and hold for long term and share the cashflow and long-term wealth creation with our investors.

What was your very first job and what did you learn from it?

A: My very first job was formatting IDs for my uncle. It taught me the importance of the time value of money and to also value money more because I was exchanging my time for it. Now, I focus on making money work for me verses trading so much time for money.

What advice do you have for beginners in the real estate industry?

A: Find a real estate group, peer group, support group, mentorship group so you can learn from others who have gone before you. Don’t do it alone! You can avoid so many mistakes by learning from others. Think Realty is a great place to find those people.

How have you mitigated risk in your REI career?

A: I have invested in my own education and hired business and personal coaches to help me learn from those with more experience than I and also for my coaches to help me see my blind spots. One of the most important things I learned is to always keep cash reserves. I typically have six months of reserves and that allows me to operate from a position of power instead of a position of fear. No matter what happens, I have time to figure it out and ask for help if I need it.

The Think Realty and AAPL Presidents’ Circle is a select group of top-performing executives and entrepreneurs from both the private lending and real estate investing industries who gather several times a year at exclusive events to network, learn, and encourage each other in a confidential setting.
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