Online RE Investment Marketplace Launches Solution to Increase Collaboration with Private Lending Community

by | May 3, 2017 | Article, Funding, Operations

Real estate investment marketplace Sharestates is hoping to expand its reach into more geographical regions by way of strategic partnerships with private lenders. To facilitate these interactions, the lending platform, which offers rigorously-vetted debt offerings to individual and institutional investors, recently debuted a new financing capability they have titled the “Shareline Solution.” Company leadership hopes that the move will clearly position Sharestates as one of the leading strategic financing partners in the country.

Shareline Solution is the result of a close collaboration between Sharestates’ legal team and a number of institutional investors. Lenders who use the program will be able to offer financing through the Sharestates platform but still control the process of loan qualification. Essentially, the program will open the door for myriad lending opportunities with multiple entities with different qualification criteria while enabling lenders to rely on Sharestates’ logistical foundations.

“As the company expands its geographical footprint, it saw great demand for this kind of product. We took the process, referred to in traditional banking as correspondent lending, and gave it our own unique touch,” said Sharestates CEO Allen Shayanfekr. “Since private lenders are not in the business of brokering loans, we created a financial product that meets their needs and goals, and contributes to our long-term goal of being a trusted source of lending across the country.”

Shayanfekr observed that the Shareline Solution is a “unique hybrid between lending and brokering a loan” that allows private lenders to “directly service clients under their own brand.” While they do so, Shareline allows them access to Sharestates warehouse lines and lending capabilities, and Sharestates itself holds underlying paper and servicing rights. “This product was created specifically for the private lending community as a method of collaboration between Sharestates and other lenders,” the company stated proudly.

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