Maryland Delegate Marvin E. Holmes Kicks Off 2017 Think Realty National Conference & Expo with His “Demands” for Local Investors

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If you are silent, something may happen that you don’t want to see,” Marvin E. Holmes, Jr., Maryland Delegate to the Maryland General Assembly House of Delegates for District 23 B, warned real estate investors today during his opening remarks at the 2017 Think Realty National Conference & Expo in Baltimore, Maryland. Holmes was introduced by DCREIA founder Sherman Ragland and Think Realty president Eddie Wilson. Holmes went on to explain his personal background in real estate (he is an active investor with a thriving property portfolio) and his role on the Housing and Real Property Subcommittee in the Maryland General Assembly. Holmes made no bones about local and national sentiment around the politics these days, but confronted the issue outright. “A lot of people don’t like politics, but whether you like politics or not, politics will take place. You need to be involved,” he said.

Speaking Up is Your Responsibility

Holmes noted that many real estate investors tend to believe that their representatives are making fully informed decisions about how to handle legislative issues revolving around the industry. However, he said, if investors are not willing to make their voices heard, a small misconception about real estate can lead to an industry-altering law. “Politicians need to hear from you and understand your interests,” he said, noting that often politicians rely on lobbyists, who are experts on certain areas and can shed lights on the needs of particular sectors, to help them understand the ramifications of legislation. However, individual investors must make their own voices heard rather than relying on an industry representative to do it for them. “If you have not been to my beautiful office, seen my lovely marble steps that you as citizens paid for, then shame on you!” Holmes said to laughter and applause.

A Full Day of Opportunity

The Baltimore Think Realty Conference & Expo highlighted the obstacles and opportunities” presented by legislative decisions made without adequate input from “real property investors” and revealed a popular educational track tailored to private money lenders sponsored by the American Association of Private Lenders, another membership group owned by Think Realty’s parent company. “Across America, I hear the cry from investors: ‘We need more capital!’” said Wilson. “Then at private lending events, I hear, ‘We need more deals!’ It only made sense to put the two together.

The conference consisted of a full day of training, events, and networking opportunities for investors in the Baltimore area. Highlights included a legislative panel, hosted by founder, Brian Wojcik. NAIL stands for “National Association of Independent Landlords,” and the group stands as an advocate for independent landlords caught in the legislative system and subject to damaging regulations that they may not fully understand or be equipped to withstand, when appropriate, on their own.

“Great event in Baltimore! I really enjoyed meeting the [Think Realty] coaches as well,” tweeted one attendee after the event. “Great conference today,” added another.

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