This past week my daughter completed her third marathon. Not a big accomplishment to most runners but her third marathon was the Boston Marathon.  A runner you ask? No, I’d say a fairly new interest to her considering her first marathon was December of 2015.  She did complete the Chicago Triathlon last summer and we were all in awe of her overnight strength.  She spent her early years in soccer, volleyball, basketball, what I would consider the average choice of sports young girls select to be social during grades K-12. While she was certainly extraordinary in my eyes, I’d have to say the honest evaluation by her coaches would be, Ability: Average, Heart: Exceptional.  She was not the team star, not the most talented, but her triumphs lied in her unstoppable passion to be “all in” and accountable at each practice.

Her awareness of running probably was sparked sometime over her last couple of years in college; but again, more at the social level.  Maybe running three to five miles a week, an occasional 5K and her obsession for running was slowly sparking. Soon she completed a half marathon and saw her speed was above average and the internal competition fired up. Runners refer to it as PBT training.  Tracking their “Personal Best Time.”

Enter her transition to a new community and a running club. The novel secret sauce came from joining the running group.  You’ve heard it before … you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. She most definitely benefitted from spending time each day/week with people committed to the same goals.  She now found some serious runners who were not only dedicated to rain or shine runs, some had accomplished ultra-marathons.  My daughter never failed to remind me each day as she laced up and headed out at 5 a.m. for fun runs, short runs and alternating long runs; “only our mind stops us from accomplishing our biggest goals.” Her commitment was contagious. We witnessed the transformation inspiring our entire family and so many more.

It was evident her running had become her mission.

How does my daughter’s Boston Marathon help you as real estate investors? I assumed you already put those pieces together.  Anyone who reads Think Realty and has been to a conference or a local REIA already recognized the signs. The talk about auctions, their best deal, obtaining the incredibly best ROI.

If your new to real estate investing take your casual commitment and transform yourself to the next steps. You need to remember, although you may not have years of experience, you can build that experience one day at a time.

Stay in “Shape” With These Tips

  • Take an inventory of where you’re at.  Make this your wake-up call.
  • Align your strengths and values with other real estate investors.
  • Make a commitment to read, visualize and expand your real estate knowledge DAILY.
  • Learn the terms, best tactics and short cuts.
  • Reach out to established investors as mentors.
  • Attend a REIA meeting each week, a Think Realty Conference annually and begin to immerse yourself.
  • Visualize what your success will look like.
  • Step out on the start line.
  • Only your mind can stop you from having the real estate portfolio you inspire to achieve.


About the Author

Linda Liberatore is the founder and president of My Landlord Helper—Secure Pay One, a unique virtual assistant solution for DIY real estate investors. She also is a motivational speaker and author of the book “Daily Inspirations to Achieve Your Real Estate Investment Goals.” Her second book is due out Spring 2017. She has conducted more than 1,000 workshops focusing on setting goals and implementing technology and best business processes. Her ability to transform a property suffering from reduced collections into a flourishing one is displayed by a 98 percent client retention rate.
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  • Linda Liberatore

    Linda Liberatore is the founder and president of My Landlord-Helper-SecurePayOne, a unique virtual assistant solution for DIY real estate investors, and the author of Daily Inspirations to Achieve Your Real Estate Investment Goals. Contact her at

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