Both Ken and Anita spend a lot of time talking to real estate investors, especially new ones. “We actually have certain things we really want everyone to know about real estate investing, that we feel helps kind of frame the concept,” Ken said. Here are the five things they feel every investor should know (and implement) as early as possible in their real estate investing business:

  1. Be patient
  2. Be analytical
  3. Decide on your strategy before you jump in
  4. Consider working with a more experienced partner or mentor
  5. Work out a viable backup plan for every investment

“I remember in the mid-2000s, I just wanted to jump right into real estate so badly,” Ken said. “I just wanted to find a deal and do it for the sake of getting started in investing. We’re seeing that mindset a lot again now, and it is so important to educate yourself and wait for the right deal. You need to be careful not to have that ‘paralysis of analysis,’ but that’s where the partner or mentor comes in.”

“You need to have that balance,” Anita added. “Have two opinions and a backup plan. The great thing about real estate is that you can always fall back on another strategy. When the house doesn’t sell the way you expected – and there will be times when it doesn’t – then real estate always offers other options and you need to make sure you know in advance what they are.”

Come hear Ken and Anita Corsini’s keynote presentation in Atlanta at the Think Realty Conference and Expo, September 22nd.  Tickets are only $55. Get yours here.

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