The Think Realty Team would like to warmly welcome Julie Ziglar Norman as a monthly contributor to Think Realty Magazine. Every month Julie will be sharing her motivation and inspiration through her column on varying subjects related to the entrepreneurial spirit and real estate investing, in hopes of sparking drive, ambition, and determination in your personal and professional lives.

Norman is the daughter of motivational speaker Zig Ziglar and shared the Get Motivated stage with him speaking to over a million people in four years before continuing his legacy. She also served as his personal editor for two decades and is now recognized in her own right for displaying honesty and transparency in all aspects of her life, both professional and personal personas. She strives to be an individual who is more than willing to share intimate details about her triumphs and failures.

In  the Think Realty Magazine article announcing Norman’s acceptance to the panel for  “Women to Watch in Real Estate in 2017,” it was stated, “She brings not only her own uniquely personal real estate journey to the discussion, but also a legacy of integrity, kindness, compassion, and the ‘higher ground’ that has enabled her to forge the kind of relationships integral to successful real estate investing.”

She shares a unique perspective from both her time working with her father and her partnership in a real estate investing firm which focuses on turnkey rental properties. Not only does her investment firm identify turnkey rental properties for purchase, including long-term holds, but also market shifts months before they are noticed. This affords investors to have the option of cashing out of their “cash-flowing, fully-managed rental properties and moving into another local market.”

It is our hope that Norman will bring extra value to you, our readers, as well as motivate and inspire you to be the best you can be, both professionally and personally. She explains in the interview, “…being the ‘right kind of person’ can make all the difference in an investor’s personal life, professional success, and even profit margin. Integrity is the bottom line for all my business…We are truly living out Dad’s principle that you can have everything in life you want if you’ll just help enough people get what they want.”

There are two ways to ensure you don’t miss Norman’s next magazine article.

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