Years ago, I attended a mastermind that changed my life. At that time, I would say I was living a “small” life. I was working hard, and I was relatively successful, but I was not feeling truly fulfilled because I had not, up to that point, been willing to do what it would take to do something great. What I learned at that mastermind significantly and positively changed my life and dramatically improved my real estate business as well.

The other mastermind members told me, “Set big goals, and then tell everyone.”

At first, I was reluctant. It sounded like bragging. I also knew that if I started putting my goals out there for others to hear, I would be compelled to make those big goals happen. I was nervous, but I went ahead and set a really big goal: I want to literally flip my home city of Gary, Indiana. Gary is perfectly positioned to be a thriving city, but as the national economy and economic policies have changed over the years, the city has floundered.

I remember walking around the track at a high school in my neighborhood and realizing that I was seeing, in the faces around me, the true depth of despair and hopelessness that comes from living in a city where many people just want to “get out” and no one is focused on things getting better. I resolved that day to dedicate my own personal resources to the process of flipping Gary, but it was not until I attended that mastermind that I really took that big goal and made it part of my narrative.

Telling everyone about this big goal compelled me to act. I initiated every step possible to bring real estate investors and community investors to Gary. Good Success now hosts events like the annual Community Go-Giver Event, where we highlight the opportunities in Gary for investors all over the country. Everywhere I speak, onstage or on a podcast or radio show, I talk about the incredible opportunities here for investors as well as the role of the investing community to have a positive effect on other communities in need. For example, Good Success flips around 100 houses a year in our area, and that makes a serious dent in low property values because our homes hit the market updated, modernized, and usually at the top of local comps.

Telling people about my big goals has meant everything for my company and it turned a dream of making an impact into a lifetime of having an impact. I’m proud to be #flippinggary and I will never, ever give up on making Gary great again!

  • Tom Olson

    Tom Olson is the founder and President of the Olson Group Network , which includes Conduit Capital, Good Success, Olson Group, Olson Property Services, Olson Construction Management Services, and Sarah Jo, LLC. He is the author of multiple popular books for entrepreneurs and investors, including The 30-Day Good Success Journey, Active Turnkey: (The Best Way to Buy Rentals), and Investors vs. Contractors. Tom hosts The Good Success Podcast, a popular podcast for investors and entrepreneurs dedicated to achieving true lasting financial success as well as true personal and professional fulfillment not only through investing and helping their businesses rise to new heights but also to bring purpose and meaning to those businesses.

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