Do you want to leverage your property to earn rent but don’t know how? Don’t worry! Using Air Bnb you can find tenants by connecting with people around the world.

Planning vacations and looking for a place that gives you a home-like feel? Use Airbnb. This is an online marketplace where people from all over the world are connected, including those who want to put their property on rent and the ones who’re looking for accommodation.


How To Earn From AirBnB Tips & Tricks


If you are wondering how to earn from AirBnB? We are here to help. Here I’m going to discuss the tips that’ll help you make the most out of it.


  1. Attractive Listing

Are you a beginner or have spent months on AirBnB still wondering how to make money? Read this tip carefully. You have to create an eye-catching list to attract guests from everywhere to choose you over other people. That means you should make a property list that makes you stand out of the crowd and puts you in a limelight. No matter what type of property you own, be it commercial, single home or a multi-family home. Wondering where to start? Here are a few quick tips:

  • Create a captivating headline that’ll create an urge in users to click on your list.
  • Make sure to add all the positive things about your property to the list to attract more customers.
  • Photos have a great impact on the decision of prospective renters. If you take a photo of your room from the wrong angle, dull light, or messy surrounding then the user will never be attracted to it. First, organize the room, set a proper angle, and capture the photos in bright light.
  • Add a proper description about your property and do not fake anything otherwise you’ll end up facing loss. Integrity is everything in business. One wrong review by a disgruntled renter can destroy your hard built listing


  1. Proper Research

Before placing your property for rent on Airbnb do proper homework. If you’ve been working in real estate for a long time then you would know that the 3 most important things in a business are location, location and location. When a user finds property on AirBnB they make their selection based on the location and the rent is set according to it. To find the ranking of your location on Airbnb use AirDNA. In this way, you’ll be able to know whether you should rent out your property for short time on AirBnB or go for the long-term rentals.

  1. Real-Estate Agent

The tricks a real estate agent with years of experience knows have no comparison right? Why face the loss when you can make money by hiring a real estate agent? Get yourself an agent who knows how to make money on Airbnb and enjoy the profit.


  1. Try To Be In AirBnB Superhost List

On any social media app, you become popular when you have a great number of followers and people often see your posts on the explorer pages. Similarly, on Air BnB, the superhost gets the most visibility and is seen more on this marketplace. However, the earning of super hosts is not shown but the higher the visibility more people will attract to you and vice versa. How to be a super host on Airbnb? Here are the tips to follow:

  • Take maximum bookings with a 1% cancellation rate
  • Give a quick response to all the queries and talk to your guests often
  • Try to get as much as stars as possible by providing great services to your guests


  1. Estimate operating cost

As a real estate investor, you should calcite the total operating cost while checking the cash flow. While renting your property estimate the operating cost too. Although every property comes up with different requirements in the general following cost you’d have to add in your total rent:

  • Cleaning fee
  • Maintenance fee
  • Host fee
  • Turn fee
  • Insurance and taxes


  1. Automate Messages To Guests & price your property properly

Do you know which the right rent for your property is? Use the algorithm pricing or AirDNA to find where your property stands and to get the idea of rent too. Do not rent out any place at a very low price otherwise you’ll never be able to make money.

The next thing is setting up automation. Before launching on AirBnB you should automate the pricing of your property and also create an automated message too. In this way your guests will get responses to their queries automatically and also the automation will help you schedule different services timely without putting you in any trouble.


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