This Good Success article was originally published in Think Realty Magazine in the “Investor Review” insert in the October 2017 issue.

“We are wholesalers. That’s what we’ve always done, that’s what we’ll always do.” Sound familiar? Wholesaling houses is easy. It’s risk-free. It’s painless. It’s a great way to make a living. It’s all the reward for none of the risk: or is it?

Wholesaling grabs a piece of the pie, it’s the reward for hunting down the deal. It’s a great piece of the market, but at Good Success, we felt like we were missing something. There was a huge piece of the pie that we left untouched, and we had no way to scale up. Inventory went down, prices went up, and we had to change.

About a year and a half ago, our team here started exploring the idea of Active Turnkey. We sell a house in cash to an investor, manage the rehab through a construction management company, and hand the property off to a property manager. The investor refinances their money out of the deal and brings the same money back to the buying table.

We have been amazed at how seamlessly this whole process has gone. We opened up a whole new way of selling, which in turn allowed us to buy higher than we ever could before. No longer did we need 10,000 on our buyers’ list, suddenly we had buyers lined up to get deals. While we used to have to hire internally to scale, now we referred investors to other companies and leveraged their relationships. We used to have to take on the risk to sell rentals, and now buyers are willing to accept the risk for the lower cost.

We have built relationships with businesses in our area, attracted lifetime customers that return time after time, adjusted to rising costs, and built ourselves for the future. No longer are we just wholesalers, now we can offer plans to investors. No longer do we sell properties, now we sell freedom. We used to sell a house, now we sell a path to financial independence.

The advantages of this program have revolutionized what once was a simple wholesale business, and it can do the same for you!

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