hear it every day from clients and partners, and at conferences: “My real estate business would be growing faster if I could just find the deals!”

Our companies work for people just like you. Our clients include thousands of real estate investors and agents in markets all over the world who are growing their businesses through systematic, automated and world-class marketing.

We get our clients into the deal flow in their local market. If you don’t have a continuous flow of leads and deals coming into your business, you will not survive for long. But, if you crack the code and figure out how to get “into the flow,” you can dominate your area and leave other local investors wondering what you know that they do not.

That’s what I hope you take away from this article—how to crack that code and build a system that will help you consistently win in your market.

About 14 years ago as a new investor with a tech background, I started advertising online using a very specific strategy that brought me thousands of motivated home sellers. I was being contacted by sellers all over the country looking for a cash offer, and I bought every house I could, then started forwarding the leads outside Texas to other investors.

They were so successful for these sellers that there was a huge demand for the system I’d built. After a while, I started a company purely focused on getting local investors into the deal flow in their own markets and now, over a decade later, Fast Home Offer is one of the largest providers of exclusive motivated seller leads in the country because clients were desperate to get into the deal flow in their area.


Many of our clients were doing their own marketing, both online and offline. They found that they could generate activity, but not a lot of real results. They were advertising for clicks or views or likes or impressions or followers. When what they really needed was actual contact from potential customers.

That’s really my first point about getting into the deal flow. Having people watch your video or click on your ad is great, but that’s almost irrelevant if it doesn’t result in qualified prospects. Structure and measure your marketing around contacts (leads) and closings (home sale/purchase).

Everything higher in the funnel is nice, but doesn’t matter if it isn’t producing contacts and closings. That’s one of the secrets to the success of our strategy—we sell contacts that lead to closings—not generic advertising that may or may not lead to more business.


As real estate investing has become more popular, many new investors have crowded the market. Most have no real brand or business processes, so it has been like the Wild West as investors compete with one another to differentiate themselves and get into the deal flow. For motivated sellers, this presents a problem. When they start looking for someone who can buy their house for cash, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of “investors” offering to do that.

When consumers are presented with too many options, what do they do? They look for something they can trust. They seek a professional brand that lets them know a business is legitimate.

Spend the money to build an authentic brand people recognize—or license a well-known brand and system. After all, this business is about getting leads and finding deals, getting into the deal flow. It’s not about building websites, figuring out how to mail a postcard and unraveling the complexities of Google advertising.

We built WeBuyHouses.com to help investors get into the deal flow and win in a very crowded and competitive market. In addition to the best possible brand for an investor, we back it up with our proven processes for call tracking, lead management and advertising, along with amazing customer service and a members-only Mastermind meeting that people rave about.

I’ve seen too many investors waste time and energy working on things that will not result in their success. And I’ve watched many struggle to be noticed in a market where there are hundreds of other “investors” making the exact same promises.

As you build your business, make sure you have a laser focus on getting into the deal flow. Those who learn how to crack that code are the ones that reach the highest levels of success in our business. I hope to see you there!

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