Gaylene Lonergan, Texas’ Top Legal Expert in Non-Traditional Difficult Titles Joins Think Realty Dallas Market Insights Panel

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You can learn more about Gaylene Lonergan and her law practice and reserve your spot at the “Dallas Market Insights” panel at the Think Realty Expo on April 29, 2017 by clicking here.

No one has ever disputed that Texas is one of the most unique states in the Union, and this may not be more clear anywhere than in its real estate law. Good thing that title attorney Gaylene Lonergan, owner of Dallas’ Lonergan Law Firm, has agreed to join Think Realty’s Dallas Market Insights panel at the Think Realty Expo on April 29, 2017, in Dallas, Texas, to help keep the legal intricacies of navigating this real estate market clear for the audience. Lonergan and her firm specialize in non-traditional, difficult title deals for clients who deal in foreclosures, real estate transactions, and title insurance issues. “We’re also a 100-percent woman-owned business,” noted Lonergan proudly. She has been active in the real estate industry for more than 25 years, and has long been an advocate for greater female involvement in the real estate sector.

“I got involved in real estate right after I graduated from law school in 1983, which means I’ve been practicing law longer than I like to admit,” said Lonergan, relating how she originally decided to focus on real estate law. “Texas was in the middle of a big oil and gas boom – and real estate boom – and they needed real estate lawyers because they just couldn’t keep up,” she said. Lonergan spent “the next three years drafting construction and development loans, then the next two years modifying those loans, and then the next two years foreclosing those loans,” she recalled. Adding, “That was a really major real estate crash for Texas [in the early 1990s], so when I saw the next downturn coming in 2005 and 2006 I positioned myself to do litigation, bankruptcy, short-sale work, loan workouts, so that my practice would be prepared.”

Lonergan not only specializes in difficult title transactions, she also is an advocate for female real estate professionals in all areas of the industry. “In many families, women are becoming the primary decision-makers and breadwinners,” she explained, adding that her Dallas-area women’s group is specifically intended to help women network with each other within the real estate sector. At the end of the day, however, Lonergan’s expertise is not gender-specific, but it is vitally important for any real estate investor hoping to succeed in the Texas market. “Did you know that Texas citizens have a unique set of protections in place in the state constitution to prevent them from losing their homes to certain types of debt?” she asked, adding, “Texas is the only state that provides such safeguards.” While this is wonderful for Texas residents, it actually can make it difficult for a motivated seller to actually hand over clear title to a property, since many title insurance companies do not understand what debts may and may not be applied toward a property, and refuse to clear. “A lot of liens can be cleared from the homestead without the payment of any money if attacked properly,” Lonergan said.

She will leverage her vast experience in and knowledge of Texas title law in the Think Realty Dallas Market Insights panel to bring the audience greater insight about the inner workings of Texas housing and real estate. “Texas has always placed a premium on maintaining the family home, as do we,” she explained, noting that in some cases, this means helping the family sell that home so they can move on to another stage of their lives. “It’s important for everyone involved to sometimes be able to see their deals from new angles, and we cast new light on property deals every day,” she said.

You can learn more about Gaylene Lonergan and her law practice and reserve your spot at the “Dallas Market Insights” panel at the Think Realty Expo on April 29, 2017 by clicking here.



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