The latest course from Think Realty Resident Expert Abhi Golhar is now available. Finding Wholesale Deals provides invaluable lessons over 11 episodes. The course introduces numerous tactics for investors to add to their arsenal and reminds viewers of the work they must put in to find deals.

Since deals are not served up on a silver platter, Golhar shares his methods to help investors succeed as master wholesalers. The course challenges the students with homework assignments in each episode or an action step to immediately put into practice. View the course introductory episode here.

Course Outline

Episode 1
: What are you looking for?

Learn how to identify a deal in the introductory episode and learn Golhar’s definition of generally good buying criteria.

Episode 2: Bandit Signs

Walk away from this episode with a bandit sign strategy. Investors learn tips on sign design, and hear about a simple method to help you measure results.

Episode 3: Driving for Dollars

Golhar gives viewers a fresh look at this battle-tested strategy to find the best real estate investment deal possible.

Episode 4: Probate Leads

In this lesson, students learn how to build relationships and help sellers in situations that are less than ideal.

Episode 5: Out-of-State Owners

Here Golhar discusses what advantages a real estate investor may find in working with absentee owners and suggests resources to help viewers get started.

Episode 6: Other Wholesalers

Sometimes it’s better to team up. This episode walks through the advantages and opportunities available to investors that work together.

Episode 7: Local Networking Events, “Word of Mouth”

There is power in the handshake. It can even lead to money in the bank. Viewers learn how to get started and Golhar reveals the tool that can help them manage.

Episode 8: Real Estate Agents – Expired and Pocket Listings

This lesson walks through strategies that help maximize relationships with real estate agents.

Episode 9: Bank Foreclosed Property

Banks are not in the business of holding property. This can be advantageous to a real estate investor and Golhar shows viewers why.

Episode 10: Craigslist, ISO, Landlords, and Hard Money Brokers

There are many opportunities available on Craigslist. Investors who finish this episode will know what constitutes a good listing.

Episode 11: Stop Work Signs on Current Rehabs

Stop work orders can offer information to investors. Viewers of this episode will know how to spot those properties and the possible actions that could get the ball rolling on a great deal.

Think Realty Resident Experts provide valuable educational resources. Abhi Golhar is a media host, educator, and speaker with a wealth of knowledge and helpful resources to share with the real estate investment industry. He has built and manages a sizeable, profitable investment portfolio across the Southeast U.S., with expertise in benchmark markets.

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