We at the American Association of Private Lenders field hundreds of emails and phone calls monthly asking for referrals to lenders that real estate investors can trust.

We’ve heard the bait-and-switch stories, the haphazard and stressful closings, the exhausting search of shopping a deal around. Real estate investors are looking for experience, partnership, and above all: trust.

Every day at AAPL, we work to bring that trust to our industry. We set the standard for professional conduct and are the only organization that enforces a Code of Ethics. We pledge to our members to provide structure and legitimacy to the private lending industry, and in turn, they promise us – and you – that they will uphold the trust you place in them.

Our Member Code of Ethics

To be an AAPL member, members must promise to:

  1. Adhere to all laws with respect to the services in which they engage.
  2. Not discriminate against borrowers based on sex, age, race, sexual orientation, or religion.
  3. Be honest and forthright in all their dealings.
  4. Only change their loan terms with just cause and perform in accordance with the agreed-upon terms.
  5. Not originate loans intending to see the borrower fail in order to obtain title to the property.
  6. Adhere to all advertising laws as defined in the Truth-in-Advertising Act.
  7. Respect the intellectual property rights of others and comply with regulation related to copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets.

Each year, we host the nation’s largest gathering of private lenders in Las Vegas, NV. This year will be our 10th Annual Conference on November 7-9 at Caesar’s Palace. Join more than 400 private lenders dedicated to learning the industry’s latest and best practices and find the trustworthy capital you’re looking for.

Our members proudly display the AAPL Member emblem below. Look for it in your lender’s email signature and on their websites, and then visit aaplonline.com/directory to verify their membership status. You should be able to trust the people funding your business. Let us help.

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