If you knew exactly what to say to buyers and sellers to maximize your returns on every real estate deal, do you think you could succeed in this business? Of course you could, and the Triangle Real Estate Investors Association (TREIA) is bringing in two of the country’s top experts in “What to Say” to tell you how to do it. “Brian and Lynette Wolff are straight talkers and two of the top industry experts on, to put it bluntly, getting rich in real estate,” said Chuck Jurgens, president of TREIA. The Wolff Couple, who work closely with real estate “guru” Ron LeGrand, will be joining him at the TREIA Conference & Expo on August 26-27, 2017, in Raleigh, North Carolina. “Ron will be joining us via some amazing videos,” said Lynette, promising investors who attend the presentation an Action Steps Checklist, role-playing activities to help attendees master the art of talking to leads on deals, and plenty of insider knowledge on delegating, buying pretty houses, and negotiations.

LeGrand, who will be presenting the conference keynote on Sunday, August 27, said of the Wolff Couple, “What the Wolff’s teach is absolutely critical.” Jurgens noted that the two have closed more than $100 million in real estate transactions and that the entire Wolff family is now involved in the real estate business with the couple’s sons, Dashel and Cale, working alongside other acquisitionists and team members to track down leads and close deals.

“You can make big profits when you just know what to say,” said Brian. The two emphasized that pretty houses, just as much as the ubiquitous “ugly houses,” can generate huge passive income streams for a real estate investing business if you know how to answer objections and get deals closed. Brian’s experience as the manager of an Ameriquest Mortgage office and a realtor and Lynette’s state record in Arizona of selling 41 homes in one month clearly demonstrate that the two regularly practice what they teach and are well-equipped for their current status as “mentors to the mentors” who have taught many of the experts in the real estate investing industry today.

Learn more about the Wolff Couple and reserve your seat the TREIA Conference & Expo at https://thinkrealty.com/events/treia-raleigh/.

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