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Strategy Properties is a turnkey real estate investment company located in the Metro Detroit area. The company is well-known in the industry for providing only top-quality investment properties to wholesalers, individual investors, or private equity funds. Whether in the area or located out of state, Strategy Properties works with investors to find the right properties.

Each and every property secured by Strategy Properties is handpicked and fully vetted to ensure low-risk real estate investment. Properties selected by the company are chosen in great neighborhoods, renovated to meet high rental demand standards and trends, and occupied before being made available to investors. Tenants are prescreened, with a complete background, credit, and reference checks. Strategy Properties does not purchase a single property which they would not be willing to keep in their own investment portfolio.

Strategy Properties was founded with the mission of providing high-quality turnkey rental properties to investors at competitive prices. The company was launched with the ground basis of integrity and professional service and continues to follow this founding concept in its daily operations.

In addition to offering high-quality turnkey rental properties, Strategy Properties offers top of the line property management services to clients looking to remain hands-off and collect a passive income from their newly purchased turnkey property. The company’s available services include property valuation, accounting, marketing, tenant placement, construction, customer service, security, and legal services.

What’s Happening in Detroit

Detroit is in a constant state of rebirth over the last few years, which is great news for investors. Devout Detroiters are vowing to revive the city after its struggle to recover from the economic crisis which swept the nation in the early 2000s. These loyal Detroiters include government entities, corporate businesses, and millionaire residents.

Dan Gilbert, CEO of Quicken Loans, is one such individual who has vowed to usher Detroit back into the golden light. Recently, the CEO invested over $1 billion to acquire over three million square feet of real estate located in the heart of the Detroit Metro area, which he intends to resuscitate. This effort will only increase the visual and economic appeal of the city, which Gilbert hopes will bring both residents and businesses back to the area.

Real estate isn’t the only investment the big players are making. Ford Motor Company recently announced it would be creating more jobs with its $350 million investment into its local plant. Shortly after, the automotive giant released information regarding another plant they would be building in the Motor City in 2019, creating even more jobs for Detroiters.

Detroit has also recently ranked in the top cities for jobs in tech and ranked in the top ten cities for renters who work in the tech industry. Offering a low cost of living, lower than national average rental costs, and a high supply of available jobs, Detroit is definitely getting attention from those entering the job market.

These factors are just a sample of why Detroit is a prime location to capitalize on their real estate investments.

How Strategy Properties Works

Strategy Properties is one of the top turnkey investment companies operating in the Detroit Metro area today. The company strives to ease the process of purchasing rental investment properties for its clients by doing the legwork for them.

First, the company acquires properties in only the highest sought-after areas of the Metro area which meets the elevated standards of high return on investment (ROI) rates and maintains a satisfactory occupancy rate. Every property is fully renovated to meet industry standards by licensed, insured contractors before being available to clients. The properties are then efficiently managed by Strategy Properties’ management team, with tenants being fully vetted with full background, credit, and reference checks.

All of these services are completed before the investor takes ownership, allowing them to purchase a ready-to-go turnkey property that is already beginning to accrue a monthly cash flow. The process is simplified and managed to the fullest extent by a team of experienced real estate professionals. All the investor is required to do is purchase and profit.

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