Building a robust, unified portfolio that is also flexible and easy to access “on-the-go” can be an obstacle for the biggest firms on the market as well as the DIY real estate investor hoping to work smarter to maximize his or her portfolio. With the growing need for organizations to mobilize their businesses, the ability to sync and share files with employees both inside and outside of the organization is a critical part of daily work. Citrix Content Collaboration is an industry-leading file sync and sharing solution that answers the problems posed by the mobilization of investment realty.

Here are three important aspects of content collaboration every investor should be aware of:

1. Secure document sharing

This aspect of Citrix is the most used by real estate investors. Investors are constantly working on deals, property management or other work. Citrix Podio’s ShareFile Workspaces provide a safe way to send real-time, secure, confidential documents.This includes document sharing but also apps, browsers, and operating systems like Linux and Windows.

2. Request & execute electronic signatures

Managing properties and following up on leads may monopolize your efforts. With Podio’s ShareFile Content Collaboration, investors can request and execute tasks that require signatures with the devices in their hands. The Citrix Podio advantage is, signatures can be requested and returned securely, in real time, cutting down on phone tag, general lag, and some of the other time-sensitive casualties of bureaucratic red tape. 

3. Mobile-friendly

Since Citrix Podio is mobile-friendly, it works for the on-demand, on-the-go investor. It provides a robust set of capabilities to integrate with your mobile devices, with no compromise on security. Their line of products and services can all exist at your fingertips.

Crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s is a critical aspect of real estate investment. Citrix Workspaces leads the industry in providing secure opportunities to collaborate with clients and other investors and agents in real-time. Work faster and smarter, not harder.

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