Ask a real estate investor why they left their “9-to-5,” and they’ll usually say something about having more time. Investors are, in many cases, parents and grandparents seeking more time with family. Just as often, they are passionate entrepreneurs and community servants seeking more time in which to enact their dreams. Regardless of their motivation, however, the solution real estate provides is usually much the same: Real estate investing offers a chance for real estate investors to “buy their own time so that they have the opportunity to live a fulfilled life,” as Ben Fredricks, an investor and Principal with Odell Barnes REO, describes it.

At Odell Barnes REO, Fredricks and partner John Leggett help real estate investors find properties at deep discounts in a vast array of markets. “The investors implement their own strategies, but we help streamline the process of finding deals,” he explained. “Some investors fix-and-flip; some rehab (if necessary) and rent out, and some create notes through owner financing.” Fredricks believes that the key to successful real estate investing in any of these examples relies on two things: creative use of a solid real estate education and access to systems and services that enable investors to focus on the things in their business that are their strengths.

Time is our most valuable commodity in part because when we have more time, we can use it to do the things that we do best and improve our lives, our businesses, and really everything around us,” he explained. “Most people tend to sell their time to their employer, often at a deep discount and in sacrifice of their own goals and dreams. Investors have the best opportunity, in my opinion, to live a fulfilled life.”

Both Fredricks and Leggett, who are Principals with Odell Barnes REO, will be attending the Think Realty National Conference & Expo in Dallas, Texas, on February 24-25, 2018. They will be offering one-on-one consultations in the exhibit hall on the 24th.

This article is preconference coverage from just one of our speakers offering learning sessions at our Think Realty Dallas 2018 Conference & Expo. Check back for more preconference coverage up until the event followed with post conference coverage. Don’t miss your chance to learn all you can with Think Realty! For tickets to this exciting event, click here.
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