Dallas, Texas – When Brad Sumrok, founder and CEO of Apartment Investor Mastery, first started investing in apartment buildings, he wasn’t in it for the love of real estate. He was in it for what real estate could do for him.

“I like investing in apartments, but you didn’t hear me say I love it,” the seasoned multifamily investor stated boldly at the annual Think Realty National Conference & Expo in Dallas, Texas, on February 24, 2018. “All I wanted to do at the time was quit my job,” he added bluntly.

While Sumrok may not have initially felt impassioned by real estate investing, he soon realized he had a knack for apartment investing. That realization came not a minute too soon, he shared. His family experienced a devastating loss, that of his mother. “When my mom died, I just asked my dad where he wanted to go,” Sumrok recalled. “He said Alaska, so we went. I had the same job for 17 years and I wanted to take two weeks off with four weeks’ vacation time [in the bank] and they said, ‘No, you can take four one-week trips.’” Shortly thereafter, Sumrok started investing full-time.

“A lot of people think about buying apartment buildings but don’t have the money or don’t think they have the time to manage that investment,” said Sumrok. “They could be leveraging other people’s money, experience, and time to be a business owner/investor in a large apartment building. I just want to help other people retire from the rat race like I did,” he said.

“Apartment investing helps you afford the time that you need to do important things, like, for me, take my dad on his dream vacation,” Sumrok said. He went on to break down several case studies and apartment building purchases from 2018 to demonstrate the process.

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