At Ashcroft Capital, we focus on capital preservation while still having upside potential through our Value-Add Funds. We are proud to announce our second Fund, the Ashcroft Value-Add Fund II (AVAF2) is now open and accepting accredited investors.

What is a Real Estate Fund? How is this Fund different from the last one? How would a fund benefit me as an investor? We have prepared the AVAF2 FAQ Guide to help address commonly asked questions.

In an effort to continue our focus on capital preservation and further mitigate risk while still having upside potential, we have launched the Ashcroft Value-Add Fund II (“AVAF2”). This investment vehicle has been created with one singular purpose in mind: to reduce our investors’ risk. AVAF2 will continue to use the same conservative business plan Ashcroft was founded with, acquiring quality multifamily assets, offering value-add opportunity in strong performing markets throughout the country.

Our goal for AVAF2 is to target 6-10 asset properties with a 5-7 year life of the fund. Our minimum investment is $25,000. To learn more about our investment criteria, or more about the markets and properties we are targeting, please download our latest AVAF2 FAQ Guide for more information.

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