When a young American decides to step into the fray and put on the uniform of service, his or her motivations for doing so often vary from sea to shining sea. Some may simply seek an adventure while others think more pragmatically about college and career opportunities down the road. One may have a desire to make a gallant stand in the defense of this nation and for others, well, they simply thought they’d look great in the uniform. Rarely does one take the oath of service to find one’s true love and a flourishing career in real estate. Yet, for Jacob and Cassie Warren that’s exactly what the United States Air Force gifted to them both. What stands before them now is a future without precedent as they met up with Marine Veteran and Real Estate thought leader Andy Williams at the rallypoint in pursuit of a joint vision to see Veterans Buy America.

Young Love in Service to Nation

In 2008, after a few years trying out community college, Cassie Warren wrestled with the choice of pursuing the rest of her college degree in biochemistry at the expense of her family taking on additional debt. Thinking back to her time in the Civil Air Patrol, she remembered her affection for service and enlisted in the Air National Guard in Fort Worth, Texas. Little did she know her life would be forever altered by the decision Jacob Warren was making some 700 miles away. Enlisting relatively close together, both Jacob and Cassie found themselves together at Basic Training in San Antonio at Lackland AFB.

The no fraternization policy between male and female recruits initially prohibited Jacob and Cassie’s relationship to take off. When they both found themselves at the same tech school at Sheppard AFB in late 2008, young love was finally given a chance to flourish. However, as training came to an end and assignments to their respective reserve and national guard units in Fort Worth and Nashville began, they feared it would come to an end. That was until after a few days apart, Cassie made the bold leap to Nashville and they soon married in 2009 for a life of love -— and real estate — with one another.

Buying America One House at a Time

Flipping houses had always been a goal of Jacob’s, and Cassie enthusiastically supported his vision. Together they bootstrapped their budget and took the first step of paying off their own house in just 18 months. With their house paid off, Jacob took out an $80,000 line of credit during his sophomore year in college to flip his first house in 2012. By 2013, he flipped another house while learning several hard lessons along the way.  Continuing to flip houses, Jacob and Cassie also put together a portfolio of five rental homes which helped fuel them toward financial freedom.

By 2017, the couple had flipped 10 houses with more in the works. Now living in Fort Worth, a fortuitous rendezvous with Andy Williams began with a rather unfortunate start. While flipping a house near Andy in Arlington Heights, Texas, Jacob and Cassie found themselves facing contractor woes coupled with copper thieves ripping every piece of copper out of their current project. Realizing Jacob and Cassie were both veterans, a local realtor familiar with Andy’s success thought he might be able to help. After a brief introduction, Andy realized he found two more veterans living and breathing his vision of Veterans Buy America.

Veterans Buy America

Andy had been down their path before having blazed a path toward real estate success in the Fort Worth community. He introduced Jacob and Cassie to new forms of capital and financing that allowed them to move beyond flipping one house at a time. More importantly to Andy, veterans who signed up to risk all in the defense of this nation were now owning more of it. Andy’s Veterans Buy America initiative continues to gain momentum as with each passing month, he comes across more veterans seeking to live the American dream through real estate. Many, like Jacob and Cassie, were already making headway but could be unleashed to unlimited potential with the right tools. As Andy always makes clear, “This isn’t charity. This is about veterans building real wealth through the power of capitalism and conquering the battlefield of business.” One veteran at a time, Veterans Buy America continues to become a force to be reckoned with in the boardrooms of American business.

Jacob is now a Tech Sergeant with the Air National Guard, and Cassie, after completing OTS, is now a commissioned officer with Air Force Reserve. While Jacob is often coy on just how often he salutes his wife, it is clear they are in this thing together. When Jacob left for the Air Force he notes that had just $72 to his name. Together, they have amassed a portfolio worth over $650,000 through real estate. Veterans Buy America is Andy’s vision for the future of this nation and Jacob and Cassie Warren represent the best of that noble pursuit.

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